[EnglishTalk] My Favorite Youtube Channel to Learn English in July!

One of my 2019 resolutions is getting 600+ TOEFL Score. Certainly, I realized that's difficult for me especially because I got atrocious score in last test. Nevertheless, keep learning is the reason why I'm still alive. I just totally believe, If I keep learning, my dreams will become true one day. Therefore, no matter how difficult is that, Im still and will always fight as far as i can. (Caila). Eventhough sometimes, you know, I feel exhausted like Oh God why I'm still stupid. Lol. 

Well, Listening is my arduous problem compared to reading or structure comprehension. I guess, thats normal., Because I have never ever learned by listening seriously before in the end of 2018. You know, according to internet, listening music and watching movie are the best way to improve listening skill. Unfortunately, I'm not music enthusiast nor movie addict, so I did'nt get used to listen English by both of them before.

BUT TODAY, Thats not a problem anymore. Because I have found "My best own way". Yeay, just spending my time on youtube watching Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen Show and Papa English channel. Thats my favorite in this month! So, Lemme tell you why you'd better watching these channel too!

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live Channel

Jimmy Kimmel or James Christian Kimmel is an American television host, comedian, script writer and producer. He is the host and executive produser of Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late night talk show that premiered on ABC. I have never ever watched Jimmy Kimmel on TV, but I watch him on youtube. Absolutely, because today is youtube era!

Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube channel has 14 Millions subscribers. He has a lot of contents, but my favorite just two, Lie detectors and pedestrian questions for Kids. I guess, learning by listening Kids talking English is adorable. In the other hand, sometimes, Kids speak more slowly than adult. So, That's effortless to understand.

2. The Ellen Show
The Ellen Show is very entertaining channel that hosted by a famous comedian, Ellen DeGeneres. This youtube channel has 33 millions subscribers. Thats normally, because Ellen Show is the popular television talk show since 2003. Same with Jimmy Kimmel Live, I just watch Ellen Show on youtube.

The Ellen show usually invites the famous selebrities or inspirational figures as a guess stars. My favorites guest stars are Bill gates, Michelle Obama and The Adorable ELLIASSS (Oh God, she is intelligent).

I guess, Ellen is the real commedian. He has been making audiences laugh all over the world, maybe, yeah with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. I'm ecstatic to watch Ellen Show!

3. Papa English
One of the most important thing from learning English is increase vocabularies. The fewer vocabularies we have, the harder to speak. That's why I love watching Papa English on his youtube "Learn English with Papa Teach Me".

Papa English teaches me how to speak something like a native. He also gimme  more vocabularies, not simple word like usual i know. Fyi, He teaches clearly, thus effortless to understand. I think, I should watch this channel everday.

Papa English has 964 K Subscribers right now. He always posts new videos every Thursday and Saturday. Enjoy to visit his channel! 

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Unknown mengatakan…
I watched Ellen's before, but I just laughed because I saw the response
either because my humor is too bad, or indeed my English is so terrrible LOL