Connecting The Dots

Today I read Steve Jobs' remarks on Stanford Inauguration in 2005. I marked 3 advices from this speech.  

Your time is limited, dont waste your time living in someone else' life.  

I'm certainly agree with this.  

Stay Hungry,  Stay Foolish.  

Honestly,  I have heard this quote before.  One of my friend made it as his socmed bio.  We have to stay hungry,  then we are gonna have desire to eat a lot.  I convinced I'm understand what the message of this idiom.  I guess you are as well.  

3rd.  We can't connect the dots looking forward,  indeed we can only connect them looking backward.  

I totally agree.  For all things we learned in the past, I'm sure it will come back to us, someday. We just need to keep learning,  every single days,  even we dont feel the positive impact now. 

We are still young,  we need to creat the dots since now, to connect it later.  

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