Finally, It's over!

It has been a year since the first time I got the challenge to post one every single days for a year in my blog! And for sure, I couldn't be happier because finally today came. 



If I looking backward what I have done for a year, I lost my words... I dont know what I feel now. I'm just so pretty happy. I just remembered how I overcame when I had no idea to write here, how I overcame when I was so lazy, or even when I was exhausted. You know, for me It was not easy. Sometimes I was so sleepy at the night and remembered I had not post anything yet. You know.... It's so hard for me honestly. 


Maybe you see that almost all of my postings are very unfaedah!

I know that. I pretty realized that. :D

But this is me! 

This is how I overcame my challenges. 

And for sure, I dont wanna take the same challenge anymore!

I'm enough with this crazy resolution. 

It was more than enough for me. 


Well, for 369 posts on my blog  throughout a whole year, I'm sure that I need to say this. 



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