I Quit For a While From My Blog!

Well.. I guess it's really good time for me to quit a while from my beloved blog. 

After today till maybe June or July, I probably never write here.. But I dont know If I changed my mind later. 

You know, like what I wrote here before, I decided to quit a while from social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. I just dont wanna waste my precious time to something I dont think I need. It has been a week (If I'm not wrong) since I have no instagram and facebook account. What I feel? I'm feeling so bored on my phone. I have no reason to touch my phone, I guess. I quite too much, but that's real. 

Honestly, I also deleted almost more than 90% my friend's contact on my phone. I just need to take a rest to see how's their live are going. I have no problem with my friends, but for twice I say, I just need to live in my life. I just want to understand my self more. I just want to delete anything that can be my distractions. 


And, I guess it works for me. I feel better and I guess I have a lot of time right now. 


Well, back to the topic.

The point that I want to say is I just dont wanna to share my life on socmeds for a while, even on my blog. I just need my privacy, living in my life, understanding my self, enjoying every single days in the real life, anddd make friend with 'the real' friends in the real life. 


I just wanna life like how I live maybe 15 years ago, when we have no internet, socmed, and just interact in the real life. 



So, lemme say good bye for a while!

Im gonna back after I graduated my study, Insya Allah.. 


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