Updated after I diactived my social media

Well, I dont even think that someone cares what I wrote here. 

I decided to diactiaved my social medias, as what I wrote a couple days ago. 

Absolutely, not for all socmed, only Instagram and Facebook acc.What I feel know? Honestly, I'm quite better. Now I have a lot of time a day. And I dont wanna waste it. 

Even though sometimes, I guess I need to log in to instagram, bcs I need some information like webinar and etc. However, I guess, my life will never changed if I still active scrolling my IG and Facebook every day. So, I'm pretty happy now bcs I'm not Instagram and Facebook user anymore! Welcome the new me!

Well, I'm not twitter addict since 2 years ago, so I dont think that I have to quit from this platform as well. I just checked my twitter in the midday, only for checking what's the trending topics of the day. I guess, it's quite important for me to know. 

But now, my biggest problem is YOUTUBE!

You know, I do really  need this platform to improve my positive skills. However, I was distracted by unimportant videos. And how poor I am, I waste my time watching these videos! -__-

I guess, I need to do something to controll my self on watching youtube!

Well, see you on the next my life updates. 

I'm so excited to life without so many socmed!

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